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The experienced team at Custom Meeting Planners has worked with a variety of groups.


Feel free to contact any of our clients to learn first hand what our clients think of us. Their testimonials will allow you to discuss the services they used. More importantly, you will also get a better understanding of who we are and what Custom Meeting Planners is all about.

"Custom Meeting Planners is the definition of professionalism and excellence in this industry. I am confident that our conferences would not be as successful as they are without the help of Custom Meeting Planners. They work with such efficiency and effectiveness that it leaves both our Conference Committee, and our attendees, with an experience we won't soon forget!"

Amber Reynolds, Symposium Chair
MidAmerica GIS Consortium

"I contacted Custom Meeting Planners when my organization signed on to host a series of five large workshops-a project that surpassed the capacity of our staff. Jamie and Tammy were very professional, easy to work with and always willing to meet our needs. Their attention to detail and great suggestions for streamlining our workshops greatly exceeded my expectations. It was nice to know that I could trust them to carry out and improve upon our vision for the events. I wholeheartedly recommend Custom Meeting Planners."

Emily Hayes, Education Coordinator
Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

"My first experience with Custom Meeting Planners was when I served on a committee for the MO Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) for the long-standing Pathways Conference. New to the DESE, I observed the confidence the veteran committee members felt in both Jamie Schieber and Tammy Bagley to organize and coordinate the Pathways Conference. Therefore, when I was given the task to bring the Powerful Learning Conference, supported by the Missouri Professional Learning Communities Project (MO PLC), under the management of the DESE, I felt certain I needed the services of Custom Meeting Planners to assist in this new endeavor."

"From the moment we began the journey together, we received not only high-quality professionalism in the art and skill of conference management, but we also felt the personal care and concern Jamie and Tammy give to each event and to the people involved with the event. Through months of planning, Custom Meeting Planners made us feel that "our" conference was the most important event. They masterfully walked a fine line of attending to every detail, yet making sure the conference committee felt ownership in every decision. They welcomed open and perpetual communication, and there was never a question or task they were not willing and able to tackle. The Powerful Learning Conference of 2009 was truly a most rewarding event for the MO PLC Project, and I am confident that our guides and companions - Custom Meeting Planners - made the expedition enjoyable as well as tremendously successful!"

Mary Ann Burns, Director of School Improvement Initiatives
Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie Schieber and her company "Custom Meeting Planners" for the past several years. They have assisted with the planning and execution of one of our annual conferences. During this time, I have found them to be highly competent, responsible, and resourceful. They demonstrate exemplary organizational skills. Most of all, though, they are very client centered. I truly believe their number one goal is to serve and the success of your event is paramount to everything they do. In this day and age, you have to appreciate that type of professionalism."

Paul Katnik, Director of Leadership Academy
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

"Custom Meeting Planners has provided conference services for Missouri Staff Development Council for a number of years and has proven to be extremely valuable. They have saved the association a great deal of money from their negotiations with the various vendors and hotel services where the conferences were conducted. Missouri Staff Development Council is grateful to Custom Meeting Planners for their hard work, their professionalism, and their continuing support in all of our endeavors."

Jody Wood, Past President
Missouri Staff Development Council

"I have worked with Jamie and Custom Meeting Planners on a number of conferences with different organizations. In each situation I have found Custom Meeting Planners to be competent, professional and capable of the job. I, of course, have this expectation with any business that I hire to perform a service for my organization. What I did not initially expect was that Custom Meeting Planners approached us not as a business client, but rather as a member of our planning team. They took an immediate interest in the success of our event and quickly got us off the ground. We were never provided with cookie cutter solutions, but rather options based on experience, good judgment and the parameters of the event. Custom Meeting Planners" creative and innovative ideas have helped keep our conferences fresh."

"With the variety of personalities on the planning teams I lead, it is often difficult to come to a clear consensus on any issue. But when it came to hiring Custom Meeting Planners for our latest event, there was not even a discussion. Custom Meeting Planners was our only choice and the best decision that we made."

Tony Spicci, Conference Chair
Missouri Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

"Their (Custom Meeting Planners) commitment to the Missouri Staff Development Council made this endeavor (a year of working together) a lifesaver, as well as financially beneficial for us."

Kathy Diehl
MSDC Show-Me Professional Development Conference

"The services provided (by Custom Meeting Planners) allowed our staff to focus more energy on conference management and less time on conference registration and data collection. They more than exceeded our expectations."

Carey Smith

"Custom Meeting Planners has allowed our organization to focus on our core competencies, which is allowing youth to play basketball. The administrative duties previously performed by the volunteer leaders have been cut by 75% and the overall efficiency of our organization has increased more than that...."

Allen Jennings, President
Columbia Youth Basketball Association

"Custom Meeting Planners has handled our administrative tasks in an extremely efficient and professional manner. This has not only decreased the amount of time our volunteer staff has had to spend on league-related matters but has also served to create a very professional image of our organization."

Wendell Coonce, Past President
Columbia Youth Basketball Association

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